Friday, 11 March 2016

Friday 11th March

As predicted last night, the weather certainly did go downhill here today, turning out to be rather a dreich sort of a day, with a "wetting rain" for most of the day. The fields are just a muddy mess, yet again... In the hope of seeing something, we took our bins with us as we headed down to the shops in Bowmore for some retail therapy. Not much was bought in the shops and birding fared little better, but at Gartmain there were 12 Barwits, the odd Curlew and 35 Oystercatcher. Further round Loch Indaal, as we approached Blackrock, 14 Pale bellied Brents were present. The birds waiting to be fed at home looked rather bedraggled with the wet weather, but there again I suppose that you and I would look rather sorry if we had been out in the weather today!!!

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