Thursday, 3 March 2016

Thursday 3rd March

It started off a not bad day with the weather, but as predicted it started to rain at 3pm exactly...This morning, we saw 3 Whoopers coming in from the sea, 68 Lapwing and 20 Curlew over at Coull Farm, on our way home there was a Golden Eagle soaring on thermals way above Rockside Farm. Chris Mills along with the team from Norfolk birding, also had a good day as well. They started off seeing 3 Fulmars along the Kilchoman crag. Down towards Machir Bay, close to the stock feeders, 40 Twite were seen. On their way down there, a group of around 20 Whitefronts were spotted and along with them were 3 Pink footed Geese. On their travels today, round Islay, they saw 3 Golden Eagles. Down in the Cornabus valley, outside Port Ellen while scanning through around 2,000 Barnies, Chris found the Cackling Goose for his clients and also a single Pale bellied Brent goose amongst them as well... Below the Car park at the Oa, 100 Twite and a couple of Linnets were present. Finally they had seen 2 LBB Gulls over Loch Indaal, we saw a couple of GBB Gulls along the front of the Kilchoman crag yesterday.. another sign that Spring is on the way...

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