Thursday, 24 March 2016

Thursday 24th March

James and the team from Gruinart carried out a count of the Red Deer on the reserve on Tuesday and while they were out, James saw a Peregrine, 2 ringtail Hen Harriers, 4 Red Grouse and up closer  to Ardnave, a White tailed Eagle was seen. Visitor Alistair (sorry do not know your surname....) had seen 2 imm White tailed Eagles on Sunday when he was over on Jura and then on Tuesday over close to  Ardtalla another 2 were seen, but possibly the same 2 over from Jura. On Tuesday he had a count of 400 Golden Plover at Gruinart. On a walk out to Proaig he had seen 2 Snipe and yesterday had seen the Greater spotted Woodpecker at Kildalton. On his travels around Islay and Jura, 5 Hen Harriers and a Merlin have also been seen.

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