Friday, 25 March 2016

Friday 25th March

Wally and Jude yesterday had a mixed flock of 100 Linnet and Twite seen in the field opposite the school in Keills. Later on, on a ploughed field on the Glen road, 15 LBB Gulls were present. When we were coming home yesterday afternoon, below Carnduncan a ringtail Hen Harrier was spoofing around 20 Fieldfare out of the bushes/ scrub willow. Also yesterday, John Stephenson had a ringtail at Stanalane on the edge of Bowmore, a new urban bird asked John... This morning, Bob had a male Wheatear at Kilchairan, he also counted 45 Fulmars on nests there. Dave also had a Wheatear, down on the Oa at Risabus.
Tuesday, (29th March) is the next meeting of the bird nerds here on Islay. We are meeting at the car park on the Gruinart reserve at 6.15pm and we shall be going down to the hides to see what is around, so if you around we look forward to meeting you there.

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