Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wednesday 3rd June

What a cracking day, it has been with wall to wall sunshine, just need some more of the same please... Yesterday the Teme valley birders had seen a family of 5 Whooper Swans over on the reserve at Gruinart, they had also heard a couple of calling Corncrakes up at Sanaigmore. Today, they had headed over to Jura for the day. A Whitethroat was as seen in the bushes just after Coull, a Lapwing with young were present at Ballinaby, a male Hen Harrier was seen close to the road between Lyrabus and Uiskentuie, with another seen even closer to hand over on Jura just after Jura House. Coming out of Craighouse there were 24 Canada Geese, a Chiffchaff was heard singing in the trees as they approached the 3 arch bridge. Several Stonechats and also some Whinchats were also noted on their day out. A couple of Dunlin were seen on the shore along with a couple of Ringed Plovers and some Oystercatchers at Small Isles Bay on the way back. On the water were a few Eiders , 2 pairs of mute Swans and some Shelduck, but no sign of any youngsters.


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