Saturday, 6 June 2015

Saturday 6th June

Not a good day with the weather out here today, rather windy with some rain thrown into the mix as well, now up to 1.25" of rain so far this month, having said that, the ferries have sailed through but the ferry up to Colonsay did not go...Bird sightings needless to say are a bit light! Yesterday, the Rochdale birders had seen 2 female Eiders down at Bruichladdich with 10 ducklings between them. Today, visiting birder Richard Harris from London had seen a White tailed Sea Eagle up beyond Ballygrant. Many thanks to Danny and Wanda Arnold aka the Teme valley birders and also Trevor Guy and his wife (the Pagham birders) for sharing their sightings with us while they were over, much appreciated. Just noticed some BLUE sky outside or could I be imagining things???

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