Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Tuesday 23rd June

A glorious day out here today with wall to wall sunshine, and better still no bitter edge to the wind for once... And yes, the sun is streaming in the window as I write blog, looking out, a large cruise liner is sailing past down the Irish channel. Today with the weather being good, I cut the grass and altered some of the tree guards and at the same time watched the choughs trying to coax their youngster out and getting to fly a bit more. Last year they had 3 fledglings but by the looks of things there only appears be one this year. Earlier this evening, there were 19 Chough in total doing their acrobatics out around the crag, and then shortly afterwards a Hooded Crow was mobbing a Buzzard good style, giving it no peace for a few minutes... Tonight, as it is so calm, might go out later on and try to listen for some Corncrakes, might be a good night for the dreaded midge too....but I promise not to count them!!!

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