Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tuesday 16th June

Apologies for a late entry this evening, but I was at a meeting that was supposed to last an hour, but lasted twice as long, enough said.... Rather overcast outside tonight, still it will give the dust a chance to lie down rather than being blown around if the rain comes to anything! George E Jackson, not our resident "George Jackson", is back over visiting his son, one of our local Doctors... Last night they had an Osprey on top of a telegraph pole down alongside Loch Gorm. They watched for a few minutes before it took off and duly obliged by catching a fish out of Loch Gorm. Heading away from Loch Gorm with its' fish, the Osprey was harassed by a Heron!!! Tom from Cumbria had heard a Corncrake up at Sanaigmoore early this morning, later on at Traigh Bhan, he saw a female Cuckoo fly past while on the ledges there, 6 nesting Fulmars were present, a Shag sitting on eggs and also 6 Razorbills were seen.

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