Friday, 5 June 2015

Friday 5th June

A mixed sort of a day with the weather and now this evening the wind has started to pick, wonder what is in store for tomorrow, suppose we will just have to wait and see.... On Wednesday, Norman How (James's father) had seen a Short eared Owl down close to Glenegedale, in a similar area to where Martin had seen one also. Yesterday, James had seen 2 Spotted Flycatchers on the reserve at Gruinart. George had seen a probable Osprey over at Carnain, or "Smelly corner", unfortunately George was in traffic and could not pull over to get a better look. This morning, we had a male Hen Harrier seen at the Western end of Loch Gorm and another one, further on along the Southern edge on Loch Gorm, near to the lochans before Rockside road end. Finally, this afternoon, I heard a Cuckoo calling here at home, the first for a few days.

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