Friday, 12 June 2015

Friday 12th June

Another great day, and just as good are the sunsets that we had over the past few evenings, tremendous... Yesterday Ron from Islay info had been on the road Sanaigmore where he saw a Peregrine. Mark and Sally had seen 12 Sanderling, one in full summer plumage down close to Uiskentuie. At Blackrock they saw 3 Blackwits. Early this morning, Margaret spotted a couple of Shelduck out in front of our cottage, on top of the wall. It reminded us of Shelduck trying to take young from their nest burrow to the water, but we could not see any sign of any young ducklings. Mary reported through to say that she had heard a report that might be a pair of Bonxies (Great Skuas) nesting on Nave island! Many thanks to the Rochdale birders, Gordon and Pauline Yates for your birds while you have been over for the past three weeks, as ever great to catch up with them while they over, and see down at Rutland, Gordon!

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