Monday, 15 June 2015

Monday 15th June

Think that there could be a wee change working with the weather, no blue skies, let alone sun streaming in through the windows, no sunset either!!! Tom Garner had seen 3 Arctic Terns down at Claddach and then along at Lossit, he saw 3 Ravens, 2 nesting Fulmars and many Chough. On the coast between Ellister and Octofad, Tom had a pair of Shag with 3 well grown youngsters and 3 more Fulmars on their nests. Other visitors from Dumfries who are here for a few days, were telling me that they had seen Chough at Kilchiaran. Here at home there was a young Goldfinch out on the grass. Later on, I noticed a Pheasant egg out on the grass about a couple of yards in from the rough! Down towards Foreland House, there was a Greenfinch on the fence. Bob, this evening, saw a female Merlin out on the moor beside his house. I see that there is an article about Islay in the July edition of the "Birdwatching" magazine written by John Miles, good and informative.

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