Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tuesday 29th March

A late entry, but better late than never...

Martin had seen a Peregrine down at the head of Loch Indaal today and it was chasing after an Oystercatcher but to no avail!

James too had a Peregrine over the floods and it was causing havoc with the ducks, along with it was a Hen Harrier. By the sound of James description, it was the Peregrine up to the mischief, but again it gave up after a while! The other birds of note on the reserve at Gruinart were around 30 Sand Martin.

Bob was out goose counting on the Rhinns today and saw the Magpie down at Easter Ellister, not far from Octofad where it was seen yesterday. Amongst the geese at Ellister were 2 small Canada Geese, but Bob did not say which species. Further on at Lossit, there were 100 Golden Plover and also 50 Lapwing. As Bob commented, one would have thought that the Lapwing would be paired up and at nest sites by now. Bob had heard that a couple of Red Grouse had been seen up at Bolsay, while Martin had 3 over on Beinn Bheigier at the weekend, that's 13 reported in one week at different locations too!

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