Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Tuesday 14 September

 Bit of a blowy day here today, but still mild. A huge swell off the west coast which stopped local fisherman getting a good day in.  There was a cruise ships passing the west coast this evening, lit up like a floating city. Hope the swell had died down a bit for the passengers! The 'Anthem of the Seas' was heading up to Kirkwall. It could take all of the Ileachs on board with room to spare - 4,180 passengers over 16 decks, and cost $940million to build, apparently on the worlds most expensive cruise ships....makes me feel a bit small... and bewildered! Having a swimming pool on a boat (or 3 in this case) feels a bit like having a treadmill on the roof of the car.

Anyway, birds!  There is still a few wheatear about - 2 at the old school in Portnahaven, 1 up at Claddach loch, and 2 off the coastal path at Port Wemyss. 

Ed noted some fresh pale bellied Brent in the bay at Port Ellen last night and they were still there this morning. Gary had a male merlin on the road at the Ardnahoe pump house. David Dinsley spotted 2 osprey and a peregrine at Bridgend merse.  He watched as the osprey "drifted off towards Bowmore" where David Wood was at the right place at the right time! He watched as one of the osprey caught a fish, just in front of the Gaelic college. 

At Loch Gruinart, James spotted a white-tailed eagle.

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