Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wednesday 10th June

Summer is still here, and as I write tonight's entry, I have got a great view all the way up to Mull and then turn round and views down to Donegal in the Irish Republic with a cruise liner sailing past, possibly heading to Killybegs in Donegal if the information on Marine traffic is correct! Yesterday, Mark and Sally had seen 2 male Hen Harriers while they were out, a Peregrine at Gruinart causing havoc with a GND in full summer plumage out on Loch Indaal. Up at Sanaigmore 3 Corncrakes present. This morning I saw 8 Lapwings, probably 4 pairs of Lapwings mobbing a raptor, before setting it on its' way up along the crag here at home. Later on tonight, or should it be early tomorrow morning, we are going to check out if there are any more Corncrakes around, at present there is not much wind, so hopefully we will be able to hear above the swell of the sea, fingers crossed, not an early night, might try to have 40 winks before heading out...

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