Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sunday 7th June

What a difference a day makes, not that I am complaining, but perhaps, summer has come, and it certainly has been worth the wait. Possibly not as hot as other places, but according to the weather forecast, we are in for a good spell through to next weekend and by then no doubt I will be looking for the watering can for the plants in the garden... as you may have gathered, not much through on the bird front when I am rambling on about the weather!!! There was a Lapwing with a young chick out at Ballinaby this afternoon, no doubt there were more than one hatched but there certainly was only one remaining there this afternoon. The House Sparrows here at home had their brood of youngsters out at the food on the bird table this morning.

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info said...

2 sea eagles plus juvenile seen this afternoon flying up the east coast of Islay. Very leisurely.