Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thursday 10th July

Words fail you sometimes, as I am not sure how to describe the weather here today, just stunning and what a sunset last night with a great sunrise here this morning to follow it. Back on Sunday, Mary had seen 8 Chough down over Cladville up behind Portnahaven. In Portnahaven itself, Mary had a big flock of House Sparrows and a mixed flock of 30 Chaffinches and Linnet together. On Tuesday, down on the Oa, Mary saw 10 Swifts and also a pr of Golden Eagles displaying, and on Tuesday evening, outside the visitor centre at Gruinart, there was a Corncrake "chick" on the road! Here at home, there were some Linnets on the seedheads out in the garden, with young Pied Wagtails out on the grass.

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