Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thursday 6th February

After a late entry last night, tonight you are getting an early edition, 'cos I am going out (not again, I can hear you all saying) and I have some sightings to share with you, so off we go... Last night, James had a Barn Owl as he came along the road towards "The Hedges" down below Rock Mountain. The Hampshire birders are back over for another stay... Yesterday at Carnain they had 2 Snipe, a White tailed Sea Eagle on the spit, a GND on Loch Indaal, and later on a ringtail Hen Harrier. In the trees, going into Loch Skerrols they saw 2 Long tailed Tits and a Treecreeper too. This morning round at Ballinaby, there were 11 Hooded Crows together, the fields over there are laden with all the rain that we have had of late. This afternoon, on our way home there was a Merlin flying along the roadside beside us just after Sunderland Farm.

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