Thursday, 9 January 2014

Thursday 9th January

What a great day over here, I know that there were a few showers rolling in from the sea, but on the whole for January, a good day and to top it all little wind to speak of, what else can one wish for? I just happened to turn the TV on at the right moment late afternoon to see the end of the "The Great British winter" on BBC 2 and who was on but John Wilson covering a feature on Leighton Moss, it was great see John on "his" patch, also on was footage from the Somerset levels and the impressive Starling murmuration. So what happened here today, well just after breakfast, a Golden Eagle soared over from Rockside and appeared to follow the crag and away on towards Kilchiaran, never beating a wing, it was quite high but luckily I had my bins with me at the time. Later on, there were some Buzzards around calling away as ever and to finish off with a few Chough were ducking and diving about as they do while flying about, very vocal too...

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