Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday 10th January

Some sightings through from yesterday, Mary had a Snow Bunting up at Ardnave and 4 GND off Ardnave Point. Carol Andrews saw a family group of Whoopers at Bruichladdich, there was an adult and 2 youngsters. Peter reports that the Glaucous Gull is still at Bruichladdich and the Iceland Gull along at Uiskentuie. Between Bruichladdich and Uiskentuie, Peter had count of 56 Pale bellied Brents. Today George had seen the Whooper family up on his ponds, also there were a Snipe and also a Heron. George counted 17 Brents along at Bruichladdich and saw more round at Uiskentuie but could not get a count as he was driving at the time.

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