Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday 15th April

Think that either last night or earlier today that the most of the geese have flown off, James reckons that there could be less than 300 on the reserve at Gruinart, while George had been round the Craigens side of Loch Gruinart and only counted around 100. By the way, the night sky last night was worth a mention too.

Back on Friday, James had a count on the reserve on the floods, the main sightings of note were, a Mallard with 5 ducklings, the Green winged Teal, 12 Whooper Swan, 94 Wigeon, 350 Teal, 5 Moorhen, Mute Swan building its' nest, Little Grebe, 25 Shoveler, 109 Redshank, 12 Pintail and 8 Gadwall. George on Friday had 2 Sandwich Tern, 1 Red throated Diver and a Great Northern Diver in "almost summer Plumage" all at Bruichladdich. Yesterday, George had a Swallow at Bruichladdich while over on Jura he had a Wheatear, and past Craighouse, 7 large Canada Geese as well as 7 Greylags. At home today, George had a Mallard with 13 ducklings and a male Teal on his pools, 2 Linnets which he has not seen for some time, 4 Blackbirds, 2 Song Thrush, 2 Goldfinch and a Buzzard. On the walk down on the Oa today, we were graced with a Golden Eagle climbing and soaring on a thermal for some time. 2 Swallows flew past the American Monument, 2 Wheatear were also seen at different points on the walk, and also 2 Rock Pipits. No geese were seen down the bottom end of Islay at all.

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