Monday, 2 April 2012

Monday 2nd April

I know yesterday was the 1st of April, but as far as I know I have not heard of pranks/ spoofs that were on the rounds, may be I was in the wrong place, may be I did not buy a paper or have the "news" switched, never mind. Down here at the house yesterday, a female Sparrowhawk was causing havoc in one of the bushes, but to no avail, at least that was was what I was told by one of our visitors! Later on he saw a Merlin up at Ardnave. The pair of Buzzards appear to more active of late, possibly they have moved to another nest site and so we are noticing more of them.

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Armin said...

I had the Apple (as in Apple Computers, not the fruit) Store on Islay House Square, if that counts?