Tuesday 6 March 2012

Tuesday 6th March

Bob sent me through this image of a Short eared Owl which he had taken yesterday afternoon, better still, it was at the roadside and Bob had used his car as his hide! James had a Merlin over the flats at Gruinart yesterday. At Ballitarsin, up between Bridgend and Mulindry, visiting birder Richard Drew along his group of 12, had the Canada Goose hutchinsii sp. Another birder from the Lothians had a total of 95 species in the one day, last Wednesday and by the end of his visit he had 109 in total, great...
By the way, weather not too great here today, and yes, around 12.30 there was another wee rumble, only measuring a mere 1.4 this time. It's only the 10th we have had in the last month, or so the experts tell us!

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