Saturday 10 March 2012

Saturday 10th March

Back to almost Spring again today, a nice comment on the weather for a change, and it is possibly here for a week, great! But, first thing this morning, there were some Fulmars out soaring about, back and forward along the front of the crag. Later on, there were some Lapwings displaying away too, out over the Machir. Down at Portnahaven, Mary saw the Snow Bunting at Claddach, it's been there for a while now. Further round by Claddach Loch, the Skylarks were in display flight and singing away. There were a few more small groups feeding the nearby fields as well. While driving into Bowmore, Mary and Crystal had a Glaucous Gull feeding in a field along with 2 Herring Gulls. Finally, they had 2 Golden Eagles up the North west coast of Islay.

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