Friday 9 March 2012

Friday 9th March

It has been a funny old day with the weather over here today. It started off with heavy showers around, then later on it turned out misty, and mid afternoon, the mist lifted and it turned out a not bad day, blue skies with the sun shining. Earlier on this morning, the sea itself was roaring away. So as you may gather, not really a day for seeing birds, oops... One or two were seen, some Fulmars were out in this morning, and over the crag this afternoon a Buzzard was seeing a Raven off, or was it the other way round, I am not too sure! Down on Loch Indaal, below George's house there was a Great Nothern Diver. Bob this afternoon had 2 different Short eared Owls about 2 miles apart down on the Rhinns.

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