Sunday 8 January 2012

Sunday 8th January

What a difference a day makes, power back on, phone working, so there is no stopping me now, all the e mails up to date, and now on with the blog. Today George had a Buzzard eating the remains of Barnacle Goose along the shore towards the lighthouse at Port Charlotte. Along at Coultorsay, George saw a Glaucous Gull and returning home he had a different Glaucous along the shoreline. At home itself on the feeders there were 10 Greenfinches and a Reed Bunting while yesterday there was a Woodcock coming into roost just at the darkening. George commented on a few more Greenfinches at his feeders, 8 was his highest count prior to today. Jane Dawson saw a Short eared Owl out on the wing yesterday between Easter and Wester Ellister. Before heading home on Wednesday, Miriam Parkes had seen 2 Cackling Geese between Newton and Esknish along with the Barnies. Today, there were 2 Cackling Geese over at Neriby amongst the Barnies seen there by visitors. The same birders who have been over since Friday, had found 5 Glaucous Gulls , 2 adults near to Coull, 2, second winter and also a first winter at Uiskentuie yesterday. They also had 4 Iceland Gulls, a first winter gull with the Glaucous gulls at Uiskentuie, another first winter at Coull again with the Glaucous gulls, an adult bird at Bruichladdich and another first winter bird down on the Oa. They had a count of at least 8 Great Northern Divers between Port Ellen and Claggain Bay, while in Kilnaughton Bay, there were 2 Black throated Divers. Thanks folks for your sightings, now I am back in the groove...

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