Saturday 21 January 2012

Saturday 21st January

Speaking with Clark this afternoon, and between us, we reckon that there was over an inch of rain yesterday. Today we have had squally showers around and a cold wind with it, another day inside, not helped by a brief power cut for a wee while this morning. By the way the Fulmars have gone, the wind got up and the midday ferry did not come, but it sailed as timetabled this evening. Peter has been collating together the various sightings of Glaucous and Iceland Gulls seen on Islay of late and has got the provisional totals as 45 Iceland and 23 Glaucous. As Peter points out that not all of Islay has not been covered, and that some of the gulls may be the same bird, this is not a definite figure as such, all the same thanks to Peter in putting it all together.

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