Sunday 1 January 2012

Sunday 1st January

A Happy New Year to all our readers and followers. I think that on a positive note that there is only one way that things can go this year and that is for an improvement in the weather. I have not got all last year's figures together yet, but in December alone we had 9.25". I read in the paper yesterday that several areas in Scotland were heading for the wettest year ever, around Fort William their total was 115.0" and that was before the end of the year, with a mere 17.0" for December alone, and yet I complain when we get roughly half of what they got, sorry! With another miserable day here, when I was out I had a look at some of the grass fields, even the geese and starting to "poach" the fields up, as they are leaving muddy tracks behind them as they walk along. Just outside James's house there were a few Reed Buntings on the bushes there.

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Happy New Year to you both - Mick and Fliss