Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wednesday 24th August

Forgot to mention other "Rutland birds" that were seen, Andy on Thursday afternoon had a Hobby directly overhead where the Bird Fair was being held, and on Paul's farm a pair of Nuthatches as well as Yellow Wagtails are also seen regularly. Back to Islay now, and yesterday morning first thing as he let his dogs out, Bob saw a couple of Hen Harriers mobbing something on the ground just over the brow of the hill. When he went for a closer look the Harriers left and what was on the ground but a pair of Golden Eagles who in turn took off and flew away. Here at home yesterday morning there was a large group of Sand Martins flying around before they headed off in a Southerly direction, youngsters heading away? Think back a few days ago and the blog reported on Martin seeing a Redshank with coloured bands on it's legs, well Martin received through an e mail today to say that the same bird was seen yesterday on the River Orwell in Suffolk, not far from where it was originally first rung, must have been fit enough to get that distance anyway!

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