Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tuesday 2nd August

There was a low mist hanging around first thing this morning, which lead to the plane coming in late, but at least it did come. I forgot to say that we saw a Kestrel on the overhead wires on Jura as we made our way back to Feolin about 1 mile out of Craighouse. Margaret commented that the Swallows that nest above the fuse box in the garage have only raised one brood of youngsters this year, normally they raise 2 broods and occasionally a third brood. Another pair of Swallows out in the garden shed have built their nest this year above an old wasp bink, and they raised their first brood no bother, but again no sign of another brood. Late afternoon there were 16 Chough out over the crag, earlier on there was a Buzzard calling away for quite some time.

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