Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saturday 6th August

A bit of a change of change today with the weather. We did not have much rain here but there was a rumble of thunder earlier on and possibly the poor souls on the Islay Mini marathon would getting a soaking.... Coming home last night from Port Charlotte Mark had a Barn Owl and further on a Tawny Owl. Earlier on while down on the Oa in the afternoon, he also saw a Golden Eagle. Here at home, this afternoon there were 39 Swallows on the overhead wires at the back of the cottages. At tea time tonight, there were 2 young Golden Eagles out over the crag getting harassed by a couple of Buzzards and then after that there was a small flock of 10 Chough out over the far crag. Over at Ballinaby this evening, there were 80 Greylags, on the flats at Gruinart 131 were noted and a further 62 at Sunderland, all on the fields that had been recently cut for silage. There were also 40 Rock Doves at Sunderland in the same field.

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