Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sat 6th March

Perhaps you do not recall an entry on the blog last month referring to 2 Mute Swans and their 5 young seen over at Blackrock. Well yesterday at around 9.30 am George had seen them below his house at Bruichladdich on Loch Indaal, and just by chance I took this image of them at about 10 am, by which time they were almost at the lighthouse at Port Charlotte. I take thito be the same family group that was at Blackrock last month as I have not heard or seen any others around.
Earlier on in the week, George had 60 Lapwing in a field at Bridgend, and 23 Pale bellied Brent on Loch Indaal as well as 70 Scoter. Down on the Oa, he had seen a Golden Eagle, 2 Chough and also 30+ pairs of Fulmar on the cliffs. He was also commenting that he was noticing more Rock Doves at Bruichladdich, especially since the pier has been "upgraded". He said that apart from perching on the structure, they were often seen on the rocks on the foreshore. On his bird table he had his first Goldfinch of the year, but has not had any Greenfinch present for some time. Whether Spring is here, but some of the Greylags appear to be pairing up!

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