Monday 29 March 2010

Mon 29th March

Another great image through from Danny Arnold, taken last week. The question put to me by Danny was, "Should it not be wrestling Hares, rather than boxing Hares?" We will just have to get some "boxing Hares" for Danny!
Louise was in touch to say that she too had some Siskins on her bird feeders over the weekend, as well as a couple of Goldfinch. On her way to work, as she was on the ferry from Jura to Islay she saw a White tailed Sea Eagle over the Sound of Islay.
Another good piece of news today is that Michal Sur has returned from his 6 month stay on The Seychelles. So it will be good to catch with him and see some of his images. Come to think of it I doubt if Michal will think much of the weather that is forecast for the next day or two!

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