Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Wed 2nd Sept

Thinking back to my reference about the berries on the Hawthorn and Rowan, well Margaret came out with an old Border expression, " Many Haws, many snaws". Snaw being the Hawick slang for snow!
Malcolm commented on seeing a few Arctic Terns moving South down Loch Indaal over the last few days, with up to 10 this morning. The Greylag geese have taken a liking to the barley field down beside the Coastguard Houses down at the road end. The field is partially cut, with most of the geese on the stubble grubbing around for any grain on the ground while the rest of the geese were actually in the crop that still has to be harvested. There were around 250 geese in total. A Grey wagtail was out on the lawn in front of the cottages just after midday today.

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