Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sun 20th Sept

I thought I had done an entry last night, but I now realise that I had not done one, apologies....
Down the road last night at Rockside, on the barley stubble there was a flock of around 400 Greylags, and further along the road at Sunderland, there was another flock of about 600, but this time split between the stubble and the neighbouring grass field. Just hope they do not eat all the goodies up before the main thrust of the Barnies and Whitefronts arrive next month!
Donald James McPhee had told James on Friday that he had seen a couple of White tailed Sea Eagles over on his side of Islay, both 2006 birds as they had yellow wing tags in their wings. On Friday too, James had a really close sighting of an Otter when he was working on the sluices down on the flats, not sure who was more surprised of seeing each other at such close range!

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