Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Tues 28th April

On Sunday, while most of us were watching our "American Visitors", there was no sign of Michal. Yes, he was busy with his camera again, getting this image of a House Sparrow on a lichen covered branch.
Today at home there has been an increase in the numbers of Swallows around, several of them looking at the old nest sites, such as in the garage, in the dog shed, in the sheep shed, all the favorite old sites from previous years. There were also a few pairs of House Martins around too, the first here this year. At breakfast time, the Cuckoo was calling away, and then all of a sudden it flew off being pursued by 4 Jackdaws! The stubble field down at the roadend now has several Lapwings on it, and tonight there were between 50 - 60 Golden Plover on it too.

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