Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sun 5th April

Today the weather has been kind to us, after the rain on Friday night and Saturday morning, a grand sunny day, but again the wind has a cold edge to it. I noticed it especially when working in the poly tunnel this afternoon, down to my shirtsleeves, but it was a different world outside when I came out the door!
The Great spotted Woodpecker is still around, and certainly has got the hang of the nut feeder over in the trees. On the other hand, I have not seen any of the Coal Tits for a few days, so perhaps they have moved off. On the crag this morning I counted 15 Fulmars, a sign of a stormy weather in a few days time, but then again they will return sometime to nest. In some respects they are a bit like the Chough in the sense that they are quite noisy, often when I go out the back door into the garden, I hear them before looking to see them.

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