Saturday 21 March 2009

Sat 21st March

Breaking news...
As I went out for the papers this morning, just along the road from here at home, what do we get, but this Greenland Falcon sat on top of a telegraph pole. Unfortunately the light was not too good, but what can one say....
As promised, I have entered another 2 images of the bird in flight, just to show that is was not jesses on it's feet, as it sat on the pole.
Is this the same bird that was reportedly seen up at Ardnave the other week, it certainly is here now! James had seen it later on, mid afternoon over at Gruinart, again on a post, before it took off and headed back over the Loch Gorm area, and come to think of it, the last bird that was seen a few years back, tended to favour Loch Gorm!
Luckily, first of all, I had my camera with me, secondly, it was on my lap, and finally it was already switched on, so no fumbling about trying to find it and trying to switch it on!
Further on down the road a Merlin shot across in front of us.
At lunchtime, when James came over, after working on the sheep, we had the Greater spotted Woodpecker out knocking nine bells out of some of the trees. The Choughs meantime were flying overhead, noisy as usual.
Our new visitors to the cottages, who arrived today were not too impressed with the Woodpecker, common birds to them, but the Choughs arrived on cue, tomorrow they can go and try to find the Falcon!


Armin said...

Impressive. The Red Kite living down the canal here only ever shows up when I don't have a camera.

Jeremy Tearlach Hastings said...

well done ian

Unknown said...

Excellent can you hang on to it till June