Monday, 16 March 2009

Mon 16th March

This morning, on my way down to Port Charlotte, I had an "odd sighting" along Loch Gorm. As usual there were some Buzzards perched on top of the telegraph posts, and as they do, when you come closer to them, the Buzzards fly off and land on another post further down the line. But today, something a bit different happened, in that one of the birds took off and went down the line to perch on top of not another post, but on top of another buzzard which was itself perched on the post, be it for only a few seconds! Something I had not seen before.
The weather forecast was correct today, as it was wet for most of the day, but it did at least fare up late afternoon. Infact we have had over 3" of rain this month, twice as much as February, and we are only on the 16th!

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