Friday, 13 March 2009

Fri 13th March

As I write, the wind has picked up quite a bit, certainly at tea time the sea was fairly noisy which often indicates that there is rain on the way. I have seen Lapwings with their aerial display several times this week as well as their distinctive call.
It was odd the other day while speaking to a friend on the phone, he was explaining that he had got a pager to alert him of any sightings of birds near to him. As we were talking, the pager went off, and the "twitch" was that there had been a Hen Harrier at certain location, to which I replied that they are common over here..... In a similar vein, the other year when Helen Moncrieff was on her sabbatical year from RSPB in Shetland, she got exited one day early on, after spotting a Blue Tit, as they are not common on Shetland. Similarly, Great Tits are considered rare on Fair Isle, so what I often explain to our visitors, that what is common to one locality may be rare to another and vice versa, just like the Magpie that was seen here a few years back, it was the first to Islay for 10 years.

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