Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Wednesday 27th February

Some sightings through from Gary... On Monday, he had seen a male Great spotted Woodpecker over at Kildalton. Along the road he saw a White tailed Eagle out over the skerries out from the Dower House. Over on the Oa, Gary had a Golden Eagle, and at Cornabus,the Todd's Canada Goose was still present.
Yesterday, Gary had a Greenshank as well as the Green winged Teal, both out from the  North hide at Gruinart. Over the hills behind the East side of Loch Gruinart, Gary spotted 3 Golden Eagles and also a White tailed Eagle.
Late this afternoon in flat calm conditions, Mike had a count of 97 GND, 24 RTD and 60 Guillemots going into the roost on Loch Indaal. Earlier on around 4pm, Mike 151 Common Scoter, out from Port Charlotte, feeding and displaying. Mike this morning had seen his first Siskin of the Spring in his garden in Port Charlotte. This balmy weather continues, I was out in the garden in my shirt sleeves, gardening, not the case a year ago. To think that I cut the grass over a week ago and it is still only February!!!!

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