Monday, 25 February 2019

Monday 25th February

Back on Saturday, as he was driving past Cash Kelly's old house just at Blackrock, Distillery Dave saw a Stoat resplendent in an ermine coat as it ran across the road at the stream that leads to the sea. I always thought that the Stoat only changed its coat when we had a cold winter!!!
Yesterday was the final day of the group from Sandwich Bay Bird obs which Peter has ben leading. Up on the track leading to Bolsay, they had a  Red Grouse, over behind Claggain Bay, they had a Golden Eagle. On the merse at Bridgend, a White tailed Eagle was present as well as a Todd's Canada Goose along with the other geese there too. They also had seen several Hen Harriers and some Sparrowhawks on their travels around Islay yesterday as well. Many thanks for your sightings to Peter and the Sandwich Bay birders.
Yesterday afternoon, Steve Wrightson had 2 White tailed Eagles sitting on the end of the spit that stretches out in to Loch Indaal along the strand at Uiskentuie. After a few moments, they flew on to meet up with another 2 White tailed Eagles, giving a spectacular flying display over the trig point and raised beach just across the road... David Wood had also seen the 4 White tails out on the wing at the same time as well. David also had a male at Cornabus on the Oa.

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