Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Tuesday 26th February

My good friend Armin sent me through an e mail the other day about a couple of Barnacle geese that are overwintering on Berneray this winter. "Normally" these birds should have been down on Islay. Steve Percival caught and fitted darvic leg rings to the 2 geese back in 2017 here on Islay, their leg codes are as follows, ZLN and ZLV.
At the weekend, my son Andrew who lives down in the Scottish Borders had a Sparrowhawk down in  his garden, eating a digestive biscuit, a plain biscuit with no chocolate for this bird....
Yesterday and also today at Gruinart, James had seen a White tailed Eagle harassing the geese. Today, with this great spell of weather, Skylarks have been heard singing away and also James had Lapwings displaying.
In the garden today, there were bees out flying around, butterflies seen out and also some Ladybirds as well.

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