Friday, 1 February 2019

Friday 1st February

Another cold day again, luckily I left a tap running slowly through the night and the water in the house did not freeze up, having said that the tap over at the garage which is well wrapped up was frozen ... Loch Gorm was frozen over today....
Mandy, yesterday, had 3 Reed Buntings over at her home at Carnduncan, and today she now  has 5 Reed Buntings present there.
Today Gary and Wndy Ruffel had ventured out from Carnain along to Bruichladdich and then back home. Birds seen included Purple Sandpipers, Turnstones, BTDs, and some Ringed Plover. Out on Loch Indaal from the spit on the Uiskentuie Strand, they also saw GNDs and also Great crested Grebes.

As we are now into February, the rainfall in the rain gauge came to a mere 3.4 inches, the driest January here for the past 4 years at least... early days yet...

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