Thursday, 21 February 2019

Thursday 21st February

Some sightings though from Ken Reeves and the Burbage birders. The other day they had seen a total of 4 Golden Eagles. Yesterday down on the Oa, at Kinnabus, they had a flock of over 200 Twite. Up on the head of Loch Indaal amongst the large flock of barnies present, they had seen a Pink footed Goose and also a Pale bellied Brent Goose. Over at Gruinart they managed to read the leg rings on 11 Barnies along with neck collars that were on 20 White fronted Geese.
This morning Chris Corrigan missed out on a great chance to add a new tick on his house list... Chris was down in Bowmore when a White tailed Eagle flew over the cottage where he is staying in this week.
Also this morning, James had seen a Woodcock while he was out along the woodland trail at Gruinart.

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