Saturday, 9 February 2019

Saturday 9th February

Think by the looks of things that Ashley and his group who have been over from Oriole Birding, that they managed to get off Islay on the ferry which left Port Askaig at 18.00. Also on that ferry were Gary and Wendy Ruffel from Hampshire. Not sure how far that either of them are travelling tonight, but getting over to the mainland, was at least a start!! Many thanks to both parties for sharing their sightings with us when thay have been here.
Ashley, yesterday morning, had seen the Green winged Teal out from the South hide at Gruinart  as well 2 Hen Harriers ( M & F) and a Peregrine there as well. In the afternoon, they had seen the Todd's Canada Goose, amongst some Barnies over at Leorin, close to Port Ellen. 

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