Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Wednesday 26th September

Sorry folks that I never put an entry on for yesterday, but by the time I got home after the Bird nerds meeting, I was really feeling rather whacked, and I am sticking  to that story!!!!
On Monday, Gary had seen an Osprey fly from Jura over to Bunnahabhain, over Finlaggan, he saw 3 White tailed Eagles along with 2 Golden Eagles seen there as well. Up at Torrabus, Gary had a Kestrel and finally on Monday, Gary had seen a male Hen Harrier over the moor  behind his house. Yesterday, he had a Kestrel at Coal Ila as well as a ringtail Hen Harrier seen there too. Gary commented on seeing large numbers of Goldfinches, Redpolls and also Siskin mainly in Alder thickets. He also spotted Chough over the moorland at Keills.
James was telling us all last night that the Corncrake numbers heard of calling male birds on Islay had fallen to only 60 calling birds compared 74 last year.. Bob gave me a ring of a dead Greylag which had BTO ring on which he had been given the other day, so I was in touch with Bob Swann and through time we will get the history about it.
Other news from  yesterday, well up here at Shepherd's cottage, I emptied our rain gauge out as it was full, a mere 127 mm meanwhile down in Lincolnshire, Nicholas Watts has only had 19 mm in total.. No pleasing some folk!!! And, oh yes, there has been some rain more since I emptied the rain gauge.
Today, late afternoon, there was a knock at the door, it was Kenneth with a juvenile Gannet under his arm. It appeared to be uninjured, so I took it down and released it down at Bruichladdich, out over Loch Indaal. Kenneth had found it down on the side of the road, on the grass verge below Rockside.

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