Sunday, 2 September 2018

Sunday 2nd September

Yesterday afternoon, James Butcher had a flock of 145 Twite up at Killinallan, "JD" had seen a flock of 120 Linnet over Blackpark along with several groups of 10 - 20 Lesser Redpoll and many groups of up to 40 Goldfinch in the same area at Blackpark. Remember also it was also "JD" who had seen the Med. Gull at Blackrock, well also yesterday later on, he also saw a second Med. Gull there as well.
Today, along past Uiskentuie, he saw the 2 Med. Gulls close together along towards the spit that projects out into Loch Indaal. Up at Gruinart, he saw 11 Blackwits and also 14 Barwits, a female Ruff, a juv. Sparrowhawk, a juv. Peregrine and also a female Hen Harrier. Over at Bun an Uillt, "JD" saw 3 Shoveler.  On Loch Gorm, he counted 41 Tufted Duck, a Greater Scaup and a Gadwall. This morning before breakfast time, Distillery Dave had 4 Turnstone down at Machir Bay.

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