Saturday, 22 September 2018

Saturday 22nd September

Last night while driving up towards his house at Rockside, Distillery Dave spotted a Barn Owl on top of a straining post.
Today, returning visiting birder, Kenneth from Norway had seen 2 White tailed Eagles  past Kildalton, probably the same Eagles that Gary had seen yesterday, out from the Dower House.
Distillery Dave gave me a hand (again..) and we finished off making a new big bird cage to allow us to feed our wee birds in and hopefully keep the Starlings and Jackdaws at bay. It will also be of benefit to me as I will not have go in bent double when I go into fill the feeders !!! Some of the birds must have known what we were up to, as it not long before some Siskins were in having some of the treats available. Goldfinches were on the niger feeder with Chaffinches and House Sparrows all in for a snack too.. Will try to get an image for  you to see tomorrow... by the way there is also a feeder outside for the bigger birds and also a pheasant feeder for anyone to eat at, that wishes it...

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