Saturday, 8 September 2018

Saturday 8th September

Yesterday evening, Distillery Dave had seen a Kestrel away along the crag towards the masts above Kilchiaran as he walked along Machir Bay. Today, he had a raft of 47 Red breasted Merganser out from Uiskentuie on Loch Indaal. New birder contributing today, Gordon Pollinger had seen a Whimbrel feeding along with 9 Curlew out in a field below Easter Ellister. He also saw a couple of Chough at Ellister as well.
George E. Jackson was in touch this evening to say that he has just received some information on the Siskin which he caught up here in his mist nets back on the 10th of July this year with a Dutch leg ring fitted.... It was originally rung in Lippenhuizen, Friesland, Holland back on 27th of March this year. The other piece of information is that it is 867 km in a WNW from Holland to here..

Many thanks to "JD" for your birds while you were here..

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