Sunday, 23 September 2018

Sunday 23rd September

Yesterday, Distillery Dave had been over at Gruinart and from the South hide he had seen plenty of Mipits, Wagtails as well as Curlew and Lapwing present there as well. He also had a pair of Dabchick and also a Sparrowhawk. James, had seen loads of Sanderling up at Ardnave and also a Merlin there too. Down on the reserve at Gruinart, James saw another Merlin and also a Golden Eagle.
Sandy MacTaggart, this morning had seen a large number geese flying South past Machir Bay, around 1,000 geese in all, probably Brent geese flying to Ireland according to James. Today at Gruinart, James had seen a Kestrel. Here at home in the new big bird cage, we had a count of at least 44 birds in sampling the food on offer at one time this morning... Later on, we saw a Great Tit in on the nuts and then mid afternoon, there was a Greenfinch in.. out on the garden fence, a Sparrowhawk was watching all that was happening round about. This evening, as we watched the antics of the Chough, a Peregrine zipped past.
Good friend Armin Grewe who lives down close to Reading had some Blue Tits and Great Tits on his feeders today, neither bird is that common to him..

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